Monday, August 15, 2011

A haircut, a pretty dress, good food and My BABY!

 Ok so tell me what you think of my new haircut - like? Should I grow it into a side-fringe as it always seems to want to do with my cow-lick, or keep it trimmed as above?

And now another installment of Steph's Dress: 

 Loving it! Why is it that some people just "get"the beauty in vintage, and others just miss the point? Well Steph and I love it. Do you?

Rie and Tom's Soup - YUM It was so good I had to share!

Ending with my lovely baby Maxwell (Max). He's eyes are still ever so blue, his smile get larger and cheekier everyday. He's 2months old now but seems much older!


Elishia and Belinda said...

Hi b, LOVE the hair!! Definitely stay like that. And love Steph's dress, she really suits that style :) ~e xo

Tania said...

Loving the new hairstyle. I haven't had a cut since before Violet was born (and she is nearly 9 months!). What a dear little boy smiling away like that. Wait for the three month stage - it is wonderful. Thanks for your comment xo

kaytetmadison said...

I love the fringe Bella, maybe the side bits would look cute if you grew them out. But the best part of this post is little Max and his smile :)

L x

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