Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Compulsive Decorator to the rescue!

On our recent trip to Melbourne we were very lucky to have been able to stay with Sass and Sean in their new place for 2 nights!
Catching up with Sass was exactly what I needed! And apparently timely for her too.
She used to have a very strong vintage mojo (actually, she's what started me down this path) but a few life battles knocked her off her perch a bit. Hence she was left a little lost when it came to setting up her new abode.The living area consisted of 2 brown leather couches, a rug, a coffee table and a TV cabinet.
As I am a manic, compulsive decorator I was like "Oooo pick me pick me!!"
and we spent the whole night shifting around furniture and rummaging through her garage to see what goodies she had in hiding. The next day we went op-shopping (on a very limited budget) and scored a bird cage, 3 vintage lamps and an incredibly cool retro dresser. I didn't get very many photos but here's what I did get-

I am now obsessed with getting a bird cage myself so I can put a lamp into it!

Making our interiors beautiful is never in vain for they make us feel at peace, happy, relaxed, inspired and content. All this makes us emit positive energy patterns which bounce off the walls and onto others.
If I could put that into a pill I'd be a gozillionair.

I hope you have a space to be yourself in ~Love E xo


Elishia and Belinda said...

Love it!
I've been looking for a bird cage for ages - found one in the Reject shop for $10 but haven't decided if it is worth buying a new one like that or waiting for the perfect old one in an op shop.....
keep inspiring!


Brogan said...

Oooh, now i want a bird cage, it's so cute! =).
You have just made me want to become an interior decorator even more so than i already do...which is a lot!!!

Elishia and Belinda said...

Aw sorry about that! I long to be one myself, it wouldn't feel like work at all for me. You should look into tafe courses and see what's out there :)

@Bella, definitely hang out for the perfect old one.. they're out there

~E xo

VIVIENNE said...

love!! xx

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