Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ a treat ~

Well, since we are about to head off to Bathurst, last night we decided to cook up anything left in the fridge. Of course Tom came up with his usual gourmet using just a few things. Hmm perhaps I should challenge him like this more often!
Zennan friendly? Roasted pumpkin, onions, chicken marinated in a Lebanese herb mix (Zaata) topped with a lemon tasting salad leaf which we can't remember the name of, with slightly mashed pea/mushroom/cream (sorry zen) mix on the side.

Introducing - another Nanna Present - Vintage Sunbeam Mix Master!

love how it tells you what each setting is for so handy!

And the result... mmm

didn't take long before we were melting with joy.. indulging..


Elishia and Belinda said...

That cake looks so delicious! Your mix master is almost exactly the same as mine. I scored it from a garage sale for $20 (not quite so good as scoring it from your Grandma though!). I'm so pleased with it, it works really well. Tom's dinner looks very yummy, you're a lucky girl :) Hope you have a great weekend in Bathurst. E xo
Ps. I hope u don't mind that I changed the blog background so soon! I found that I couldn't see the photo's properly as there was too much stuff distracting my eye :-1

U U N A said...

oh gully that cake looks so yummy! i am craving from some right now! aahh sigh

zigsma said...

My mother had the exact same mixer. I love the photo in your header! Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours very much.

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