Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sewing - Me?

Well, my nanna without knowing keeps motivating and inspiring me. What now? Well when it came to sewing she knew her stuff! I'm sure she had over 4 sewing machines and at least 1 overlocker. So I'm destined to be good at it... right?

I've inherited a sewing machine! I could have had a 'Singer' top quality one, but dad and I decided a) A beginner [although I did learn to sew I must admit my patience is at times lacking, causing me remain at one level...] doesn't really need an overly complicated machine and b) It was too heavy for a pregnant belle to carry.

Thus I now have a very cute PFAFF Sewing Machine! * claps Auslan style waving hands madly about her head in silent applause* Hooray!

 Along with the machine came a couple of goodies - a little vintage cream suitacase (interior leaves much to be desired) and a cute yellow case with many compartments for me to fill! Oh, and the little pin cushion which I always remember her having, and a few sewing odd bod things.
Yep - may need a little maintenance...

Just something I snapped next to where I took the other photos, what can I say I like the arrangement!

1 comment:

Sophia said...

I have the same pincushion as you! :)
I found it in an op shop at sydney.

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