Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Anniversary day at Tanunda and other Wine Based Romps

Oh what a perfect day! We started with a sleep in followed by pancakes.
Always a good start!

Then we took the scenic route to Tanunda.
Autumn is always magnificent but Autumn in the Barossa Valley is magical.

We finally got to go to Nosh and have a Chai tea :)

Posh enough for a pinkie raise.

Zen had a gluten free pizza much to his delight and I had Nosh's famous dish
 Chicken and Leek pie... Words can't describe how yummy it was :)

This is my new vintage dress I spoke about earlier. 
Early 1950's cotton. I am so in love with it!
It is my new favorite and will be very difficult to beat I think.
The very gorgeous Umbrella Brooch is By Emgee art. You can find her work here or here.

"Zen! Stop chatting up the old lady at the antique store already!"

I love this whimsical sculpture! In case you can't see it there's a little bird inside her head.
Something I can relate to.
We ended the day with brie on toast and a very nice red we were saving for just such an occasion while watching The Time Traveller's Wife.
That movie is everything. What an emotional mess it makes me!

Our favorite winery of the Adelaide Hills is Hahndorf Hill Winery.
They were one of the first in Australia to do the European craze "Choco Vino".

They choose the best Chocolates the world has to offer and match it to their wines.
Believe it or not, when matched well chocolate can complement wine just as well as cheese and olives.

Zen got this Vintage Leather Jacket for $8 at a Salvo's in Hastings.
It seems almost impossible to get cheap leather at op shops nowadays so we were suitably impressed.

This scene made me think of a giant nurturing spider web.
While we were taking the windy roads of the hills and taking in the red, gold and purple Autumn trees, the abundant vines and watching wallabies graze in the paddocks, I was thinking how very lucky we are to be so close to such beauty. We plan to have more days like this more often.
A picnic next time I think :) Love E xo


Elishia and Belinda said...

Where to start? I'm glad you guys had a delightful anniversary weekend :-)Autumn, Barossa, Chai in vintage teacups, gourmet food, wine of course, and chocolate, not to mention one of the prettiest, gorgeous vintage day dresses I've seen = exquisite loveliness! So jealous! Oh and Tom was also 'suitably impressed' by the leather jacket find!

Elishia and Belinda said...

O o o now that you have done a beautiful Tanunda post.... you guys will have to do a post of is it Wilunga where we went?? Well that place, and Stirling! and other nice places! How about is it Whyalla you go to? Anything pretty there? What am I saying all your posts are pretty!

Elishia and Belinda said...

Please excuse my hysterical laughter... 'is there anything pretty at Whyalla?" How funny you are!
Ermmmm... no. There is a rocky sea side which is pretty most the time and some nice old houses but basically its a mining town with no trees and everything is covered in red dust. Will def take photo's next time we're at Wilunga though, and its Chestnut season so a trip to Stirling is definitely on the cards.. Remember that day? That old house? *sigh* :) E xo

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