Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the odd shots

I'm in an Odd Shots mood.
You know the photos that aren't quite the way you'd normally look at the world.
These are some I found in my collection from when E and I met up last year in Sydney.

Okay so I just liked the last one!



The Sunshine District said...

I love photos of random things and candids :)
xo Jac

Anonymous said...

I love the bird of paradise picture! Those plants are so oddly cool.

A lot of my friends are having babies and they're all so adorable, so that is why I have baby fever! lol. But I'm not really ready to have a baby. I want to be married first :)

Mabel Time

b and e said...

Hey b,

Love these photos! You look stunning in amongst the birds of paradise and so fresh-faced and youthful in that last shot.

He he.. those feet make me giggle! Good memories xo ~e

kaytetmadison said...

I like how Bel's head is growing out of the Birds of Paradise.. how cute!

koko mo said...

i loveee those shoes, they are so different, they're awesome i want some!! :)

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