Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oddity. Nicety. December.

Still in love with this biscuit recipe from E
I found this beautiful saucer in an op shop in Narooma for 50 cents!
Every now and then I pop a cardamon pod in my tea for slightly Chai feel

When my sister's little girl Keira comes over, everything has to change.
This is where my chess display ended up when I realised 1 year old Kiki was out to get them!

This beautiful cheesecake was demolished at my friend Tania's place for a luncheon 
with friends at the end of last year. My darling Elaine was there for a treat!

A Sunday breakfast treat brought to you by YeLLoW and OrAnGe.

The Start of our Veggie Patch
The Soil arrives!
Voila! The beginnings of Organic living!
I can't wait to show you how much it's grown since we put it in less than a month ago.
Stay tuned!

The random use of our free outdoor furniture, courtesy of the side of the road, and leftovers from a furniture importer. Score!
 I'm dying to have some sort of outdoor function to decorate the peppercorn tree and put these finds to more use!

 Since this photo was taken on the "great day of the coming of the veggie patch", Mr Maxi-moo has learnt to crawl meaning this would not be how he would spend his outdoor time anymore. At the time though this was perfect for a frustrated bubby who if indoors would not do anything unless you were at his side. Nature boy here though is absolutely contented when outdoors. He really let us get so much work done!

 My dear friend and fellow garden enthusiast Natasha helped us out SO much...
AND she enjoyed herself!
Thanks Natasha xx

 My mood board for December was full of cards from The Finders Keeper's Market and the Sydney Festival season.

I made some apricot sauce from one of my all time favourite cookbooks (borrowed from my sister Lisa while she is off blogging her London adventures).
The smell... the taste... why have I not tried sauce, jam and pickle making before!?!?

 Please excuse the dreamy staring off into the lights.

It was late, and, at this point I just didn't want another day to go by with no outfit post (now that I actually fit so many pre-pregnancy things) and no documentation of the dress Tom bought me for our anniversary at Newtown. As it is it's taken me a month to get this photo up!

It's vintage of course!

 Also from Newtown, my gorgeous Fox-wrapped-around-my-finger ring.

 Shirley and I indulge in some Chocolate Pudding Cake in a cup - with ice cream and banana's of course!
2 minutes in the microwave. Seriously awesome stuff.
The recipe is from a blogger I really like - House of Humble.

What post would be complete without my incredible blue-eyed boy?

That's just December.


The Sunshine District said...

Love the dress and the adorable fox ring! Your little one is too precious :)
xo Jac

Misfits Vintage said...

You've got a Max! I've got a Max too - my six week old nephew, aka Fatty Boombalada! Your garden looks beautiful - that shady patch under the tree is perfect for lazy afternoons of daydreaming and dozing. Sarah xxx

Lost Cabin Vintage said...

I just love all of this! Organic living, apricot sauce and the blue eyed boy are the best :)
toni xo

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Yellow and orange, precious kiddies in the garden, a veggie patch, friends and a fox ring!...This is THE life!!

green tea and red nails said...

there is so much fabulousness in this post! vegie garden looks awesome - cant wait to see an update! and that fox ring is so rad - love it!

Kel x

b and e said...


What a great post! I love seeing what you're up to. That vegie patch is Ah-mazing! I am very jealous!

The fox ring is adorable- so you.

Can we make those pudding cups when we come up?!

Also diggin the mood board, what a great collection

7.5 months! :) ~e

Shara said...

hi belinda, great photos - I am going to have to try those biscuits they have all my fav flavours and that is a great looking vegie patch. Max is gorgeous! Shara

kaytetmadison said...

what a fab ring! I would have liked to try the jam Bella! Wow how fantastic that Max can grow up in a place that has a big yard and where you can grow your own vegetables. Look at him enjoying the sun. It's such a dream for most of us stuck in apartments. Lucky boy xxx

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